Monday, September 03, 2007

More Progress

I've been going at a pretty good clip on the forest canopy shawl. I have done 17 pattern repeats of my 20 so I should finish this week if I'm lucky. With 307 stitches on the needles right now I am averaging only one 8 row pattern repeat a day. I'm assuming that the edging and bind off is going to take about the same amount of time so...about 5 days to go possibly.

I can't wait until this is done and I can wear it all around town. It looks amazing but the pics don't do the yarn justice. It's a muttle of reds, oranges, and a hint of a purple color. Amazing and great to knit up also. I am officially a Schaefer Anne fan now. I will have to look into getting some more of this once I get some money together.

I also put in a few more repeats on the Rainy day socks but I really haven't touched them since taking the last pics. Just put in another pattern repeat while waiting on my appointment the other day and then put them in the waiting corner again. One day I WILL finish them! I just need to find some time, lmao. I don't like anything that takes away forest canopy time! Once it's done I will certainly be starting something else though. I just don't know what. Any suggestions?

Me after knitting another repeat over 307 teeny tiny stitches:

HaHa! I know, I'm a dork...but oh well, soon the madness will be over with!


TRACEY. said...

That looks really well.
I can't wait to join you in the KAL.

Judy said...

That is really coming along quickly and is looking great.
Makes me want to do it.

Holly (old Knitter) said...

A good laugh is healthy and I certainly did grin when I saw the picture of you that looks taken under water with your eyes big and blue!

Knitman said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. The colour looks very good.