Sunday, July 19, 2015

Indeed Nanoblur

Ok. I have a product to tell you guys about today! #Nanoblurred This is Nanoblur from @IndeedLabs. This product is amazing. It makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear and when you use it as a primer before Bare Minerals foundation it makes it stay put and look gorgeous all day long. The product is a bit sticky feeling in your hands but not on the face. It takes a little more than a normal primer but boy, does this stuff work! I got compliments all day at school on how young I looked when I used it and that makes it worth a lot of money, lol. I got this product in the I Do Voxbox from @Influenster and am so thankful.

Before applying I recommend you moisturize first so it smooths on a bit easier and more smoothly. I skipped this step the first time but will start doing it from now on. You don't have to be particular about how you apply, just spread it on evenly and apply makeup. What do you ladies think? Think you'll try Nanoblur?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tartan Hearts SensatioNail polish giveaway!

YAY! I LOVE giveaways! TartanHearts is giving away two bottles of SensatioNail 'Heirloom Lilac' gel nail polish to some lucky winners! Want to enter? All you have to do is go to and enter! Giveaway ends 3/2/2013. US only. Only enter if you have a gel system or know you're going to buy one and can USE this. It isn't a polish that will dry with time. It will wipe off days later unless it's cured under an LED or UV light. If you don't have the light it will be like painting your nails with pudding. Probably not the look you would be going for right?! Good Luck to all that enter. You KNOW I'm in! Lavender and Lilac are two of my FAVORITE purples and purple is my favorite color.

Feel free to check out TartanHearts:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Café Escapes BzzCampaign!

Ok. I am in more than one BzzCampaign obviously...and this one I really had to share with you. This campaign is  for Café Escapes and it is delicious! Thanks to BzzAgent and Café Escapes I got to try several new flavors for free. I got two packs of Café Escapes flavors with 4 K-Cups in each pack. The first pack included 2 Café Vanilla and 2 Café Caramel flavored K-Cups. The vanilla was amazing but it was pretty much the same as the international French Vanilla Café instant coffee. The Caramel flavor is instant coffee as well (they all are) but it was exceptional. It tasted buttery and sweet and amazing. I don't know how it would be possible to tell you in will just have to try it for yourself!

The second pack contained four different flavors, Chai Latte, Café Mocha, Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa. My favor in this box has to be the Chai Latte. It was delicious. Just enough spice and sweetness. I shared the milk and dark hot cocoa's with hubby and they were like regular hot cocoa's...great but nothing that couldn't be achieved with a cheaper packet of cocoa. I am enjoying the cup of Café Mocha right now as I sit here typing this and it's pretty darn good as well...and that's coming from someone who isn't at all thrilled with mocha!  

If I were you I would definitely give the Café Escapes a try! They really are delightful! I'm not sure if you can get the caramel flavor cheaper in a tin like you can the French Vanilla Café vs. Café Vanilla but I am going to look and let you know. I don't mind running water through my Keurig into a cup to make it hot and then adding the instant powder to get the same flavor for less so I'll stick to the cheaper, tinned variety for that one.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk Review

I know it's been a really long time since I have blogged on here! I miss getting to talk with you all. I decided to make my comeback by telling you about a fun and amazing product that I got to try through BzzAgent! I got a campaign to try the Schick Hydro Silk razor. This razor is great! I love how my legs feel after I use it. I don't need to moisturize when I get out of the shower because of the great moisturizing serum. The serum is great. I can shave without shaving cream when I'm in a hurry, although shaving cream makes it even more luxurious! It's slick and helps the razor glide across my legs. Who can argue with anything that makes shaving easier and gets you a closer shave. Feel free to ask me about anything that you're curious about. I love talking about this razor!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spinning Time!! I'm a spinner now!

So I finally started spinning and got it to look decent!! I starting trying again a few months ago and I am just now REALLY getting into it. Here is my first try once I got my spinning to be more even. You can see how it's fairly thin.

I plied it and it became this:

It's 16 wpi so it's a heavy fingering weight. It's about 52 yards. I can't decide what to make with it. Any ideas? All are welcome!! Here are a couple pics of the first skein I finished.

After that I re-spun a single I'd made from some roving I got on Craigslist AND I made another single on my newest spindle (below) and I'm planning on plying them this coming week once I find a box that I can fit my spindles in without them falling out of the holes so I don't lose any of my singles in a plying accident, lol.

These are both of the spindles. I finished the spinning and both are about lace weight singles, tightly spun so it should be a light fingering when it's plied. Here's hoping!

I got a new spindle because I could NOT pass it up! It's a Golding Tsunami purpleheart. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Had to start spinning as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I started spinning a sample of alpaca mixed with mystery wool I guess it is. It was given to me from a friend that taught me how to make a plying ball to ply my first skein of yarn. I thought I didn't know how to ply but it turns out I DID know how to ply and I'd done it right...but I hadn't been putting enough twist in my yarn so it didn't come out plied as tightly as I wanted it for my first yarn which isn't pictured here. Go figure!

This is the finished single. I'm going to ply it tonight to tomorrow. We'll see how I feel after I finish blogging ;) Finished pics tomorrow hopefully!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I was looking on Craigslist for roving because I'm learning to spin and want to practice more and I saw one post from one woman saying she had some roving available. I talked to her and she originally asked for 10.oo per lb. but then decided against it and said she'd just GIVE IT TO ME!!! I said ok...thinking that it was just a little...may enough for a sweater if I was lucky.

Hubby went off to get it today. It was a fairly long drive...about 45 minutes to an hour to get to her...and he loaded up the roving and gave her some cases of water (not sure why but hey, it MAY count as a payment?) and he left.

That was at 3:30pm and he came home at 11pm and tells me to go out and get the roving so I go out and this is what was in the trunk for me!! :

Holy hot potatoes!! Isn't that nuts?! It's beside my 6.5 foot tall Christmas tree for size comparison. I'm going to be spinning this roving for the rest of my life but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The pics were taken in really bad light but it's a lot prettier than it already looks. You'll have to trust me, LOL!

Learning to spin....

So I decided to try my hand at spinning because I really want to knit something out of handspun. I am thinking that I will most likely knit a gift for my husband for Christmas if I can get the yarn spun and plied in time to knit something up. It will probably be an iPod Cozy or something along those lines since I'm just a beginner and I don't think I can spin enough yarn quick enough to also knit it up for a larger project.

Here is my firsrt (horrible) attempt at spinning:

Not all that great huh? It came out very thick and thin but it averaged about a DK weight so I assumed I would get a worsted weight yarn but that did NOT happen. It came out a heavy bulky. I think I need to add more twist when I'm plying. I almost gave up because it looked hideous but I was told by a friend that I need to walk before I can run and to try again so I said ok and bought a new spindle so I had a reason to spin...but then I decided, last night, to try again and see what happened on my original spindle since my new spindle won't be delivered for 3-4 more days yet and this is what I got:

Much better right?! I think so. You can definitely see the difference in thickness from the pictures. I'm so glad that I'm learning to get thinner yarn. It's still a bit thick and thin but it's varying between lace weight and thick lace weight. Not too bad right?! I assume that it will be fingering weight when I'm done with the plying but who really knows.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know I have been a horrible blogger and haven't put any new info on here in awhile. I've been really busy lately and it kind of got in the way.

I had my new father-in-law and step son come to visit from Ohio for a week and a few days so that took most of my time and I was keeping them company when my hubby had to go to work all week long as well. It was nice seeing them but SO stressful with the pregnancy and all that going on.

Then we've been running around like crazy because the holidays are when my hubbys workload really pics up and with the bad economy he's really having to work too. Hopefully he'll get a LITTLE bit of time off before Christmas Eve and Christmas so we can have some more family time!

I finished the body of the baby boy jacket. All that's left now is sewing up the hood and knitting the sleeves. I need to find three really cute buttons that look good on the grey and work for my baby boy on the way. :) I was thinking of using the blue heart buttons but I'm just not sure that they are going to look all that great but who knows. Maybe I can talk hubby into button shopping? Either way I won't need buttons for a few weeks with all the other things I have going on knitting-wise so I guess I have time to think about it.