Friday, February 22, 2013

Tartan Hearts SensatioNail polish giveaway!

YAY! I LOVE giveaways! TartanHearts is giving away two bottles of SensatioNail 'Heirloom Lilac' gel nail polish to some lucky winners! Want to enter? All you have to do is go to and enter! Giveaway ends 3/2/2013. US only. Only enter if you have a gel system or know you're going to buy one and can USE this. It isn't a polish that will dry with time. It will wipe off days later unless it's cured under an LED or UV light. If you don't have the light it will be like painting your nails with pudding. Probably not the look you would be going for right?! Good Luck to all that enter. You KNOW I'm in! Lavender and Lilac are two of my FAVORITE purples and purple is my favorite color.

Feel free to check out TartanHearts:

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