Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I was looking on Craigslist for roving because I'm learning to spin and want to practice more and I saw one post from one woman saying she had some roving available. I talked to her and she originally asked for 10.oo per lb. but then decided against it and said she'd just GIVE IT TO ME!!! I said ok...thinking that it was just a little...may enough for a sweater if I was lucky.

Hubby went off to get it today. It was a fairly long drive...about 45 minutes to an hour to get to her...and he loaded up the roving and gave her some cases of water (not sure why but hey, it MAY count as a payment?) and he left.

That was at 3:30pm and he came home at 11pm and tells me to go out and get the roving so I go out and this is what was in the trunk for me!! :

Holy hot potatoes!! Isn't that nuts?! It's beside my 6.5 foot tall Christmas tree for size comparison. I'm going to be spinning this roving for the rest of my life but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The pics were taken in really bad light but it's a lot prettier than it already looks. You'll have to trust me, LOL!

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Judy said...

Hey, glad you are back. I was concerned that something may have happend. You left in the midst of a pregnancy.
I see that you have had another since your last post. Congrats.
I also have learned to spin. My hubby bought me a wheel last year. I have a sweater OTN from my own homespun. It is great.
Hope you come back a little more often now.
Take care and Happy New Year.