Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know I have been a horrible blogger and haven't put any new info on here in awhile. I've been really busy lately and it kind of got in the way.

I had my new father-in-law and step son come to visit from Ohio for a week and a few days so that took most of my time and I was keeping them company when my hubby had to go to work all week long as well. It was nice seeing them but SO stressful with the pregnancy and all that going on.

Then we've been running around like crazy because the holidays are when my hubbys workload really pics up and with the bad economy he's really having to work too. Hopefully he'll get a LITTLE bit of time off before Christmas Eve and Christmas so we can have some more family time!

I finished the body of the baby boy jacket. All that's left now is sewing up the hood and knitting the sleeves. I need to find three really cute buttons that look good on the grey and work for my baby boy on the way. :) I was thinking of using the blue heart buttons but I'm just not sure that they are going to look all that great but who knows. Maybe I can talk hubby into button shopping? Either way I won't need buttons for a few weeks with all the other things I have going on knitting-wise so I guess I have time to think about it.


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