Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pregnancy Pics - 1

I was sitting here after taking a pic of my belly today to document my pregnancy and realized...I haven't shared the pics I've taken so far with anyone out there is blogland...my friends that are here often to see what's going on with me and what's new. So here they are guys! I've only taken 2 so far because I usually forget or am too busy.

This one was taken around 10/17/2008. I think that date is right because it was the day after our first ultrasound so I would have been 13 weeks, 1 day at that point.

The second pic was taken today, 11/11/2008. Today I am 16 weeks, 5 days. Apparently over the last month I have popped out like a crazy person. Insane right?! Lets hope it's just because it's my second pregnancy, lol. They say you show sooner with the later pregnancies.

Bill is being GREAT with this pregnancy. He's making sure to tell me daily that I'm beautiful and he talks to the baby all the time. Such a sweetie :) Well, that's all for this post I think...can't be boring you daily can I, lol.

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