Monday, November 10, 2008

My First Try at Koolaid Dying

:) So I had a strike of something...and decided to try my hand at koolaid dying my first bit of yarn the other day!

I was SO worried that I was going to mess up the yarn that I just went and used lion wool from walmart. I know I spent only 2-3 dollars for it so it would be ok if I killed it, lol.

I'm sorry I didn't take pics for you guys the whole way thru but I will definately let you know exactly what I did. I know I like when people post that stuff incase I love their colors :)

I used on packet of Grape Koolaid on this skein. I mixed the packet in with about a cup of water in a square pyrex bowl, put in the yarn when the koolaid was WELL mixed in, added water to cover the yarn. I added the yarn dry without soaking because I wanted the color to vary a little. I then put the bowl and yarn in the microwave three times on 2 minute intervals. I left it alone in the bowl and let it sit in the microwave while I went to the gym and when I got back I gently squeezed it out and hung it to dry. In the morning it was totally dry and ready and here it is :)

So what do you all think, did I do a good job? Next time I want to do some sock yarn and make it self striping so we'll see where that takes me :)

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Judy said...

Looks like you did a fine job. I still have not gotten the nerve up to try dyeing. someday.....