Thursday, October 11, 2007

What went wrong today? Let me just share...

So today has been one of the worst days EVER. Everything that COULD go wrong did and I just wish I had stayed in bed today with the covers over my head and slept it all away!

-My son had to go to the Dr. today...diagnosed with Ear Infection and Anemia

-Dr said my son needed bloodwork (enough said right?) so I took him and it was awful with the lady losing his vein and having to wiggle the needle around to get it in again each time he moved.

-My blood sugar was high all day today.

-My insulin pump BROKE today...yup, that nifty thingy that costs 9000.00

-My pump is NOT under warantee anymore I found out.

-My insurance will fight paying for a replacement I was also told...and it may take months to get a new one.

-Andrew just started throwing up...and has thrown up 4 times in the last hour. :(

Only silver lining? The guys are going to fight HARD for me to get my new pump and I trust that they will get me one and they are sending me a loaner pump tomorrow asap so I don't die. I'm hoping that my insurance covers a new one because if not I have to pay a 250.00 restocking fee at the end of the 3 months I get the replacement pump for. If I get a replacement pump with the company then I don't have to pay the fee at all so that would be great.

Ok, so who was the pain in the ta ta's who wished ALL this bad luck on me today?!

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