Thursday, October 16, 2008

13 Week Ultrasound Pics!

Here they are!!! Baby's first pics!!!

This one was the regular, 2D ultrasound pic. I thought it was SO cute though because the baby was sucking it's thumb and it was amazing to watch it move and hiccup and do all the little movements.

This one was a 3D pic of the 4D ultrasound. Baby was pounding its fists up and down like someone beating on glass because it didn't like the ultrasound wand pushing on it's home, lol.

There are other pics but I haven't gotten them edited to post online since I don't want all that info they print on ultrasounds on the internet of course! I get another ultrasound on 11.13.08 ao I will be sharing those pics too I'm sure! Hope you all enjoyed the photos! :)

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Judy said...

What does Andrew think of the coming baby? Is he as excited as Mom?
Lovely pics of the new little one.