Friday, November 17, 2006

Cotton Candy Socks

Well, yesterday I decided that I needed to start the socks that I wanted to make from the yarn that I got from ebay so I did. Not sure if I like the pooling or not but they really seem to look good on so.....hrm.

I think it's just that the pics don't do them justice :) You all can decide!!

The skein, right out of the package from shipping!!

Seemed like it was SOOOO repetitive that I wanted to kill myself BUT....I finished this first sock in JUST over 24 hours....yup, lots and LOTS of time on my hands....

Here is my first, pretty sock on my foot :) I'm calling it my cotton candy socks because I cant read the label. If anyone even knows what language it's written in so I might be about to see what it says let me know, LOL!!


Beth said...

Lovely socks! Well done.

If you don't care for the pooling, it helps to use a simple pattern stitch like basketweave or a ribbing pattern.

Congratulations on your socks!

Knitting Rose said...

These are adorable! I love the way they pool and i think you named them appropriately.

Lily said...

Very pretty!

Kelly Koehn said...

Its Bulgarian... :P