Monday, November 20, 2006

Sock Swap

I just recieved my socks from my sock swap buddy today. Didn't she do a great job?! They are warm and cozy and I love the colorway. My swap partner says this yarn is a Socks That Rock yarn and the color is called Fairgrounds.

I like that I can wear them folded in half, scrunched down, or up my leg for really cold days :) They were made toe up and she used the Icelandic bindoff method.

My son loves them too and decided to include himself in this pic by hugging mommys feet :) It's because they are so cozy and soft of course!

Thanks Linda, for the great socks! They fit my personality...and my feet...very well :) I'm sure Linda thinks that I am a slacker but her socks are coming along acrylic and wool blend that feel lovely to knit with. I cant wait to see if she like them as well as I like hers!

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