Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Current Projects

Ok, so I was working on my knitting tonight and noticed that

A: I have a TON of projects that I haven't shared progress on with my blog readers....


B: None of the things I took pics of are things that I was working on before and need to update, lmao. It's all new stuff that you all haven't even seen before.

I promise to get more pics of the items you all have already seen and let you see some progress...and I will just be totally honest here and let you all know that I haven't picked up my halter top I'm working on since I moved it to take pics in the blog entry I put in here about a month ago. I dont know what the problem is but I guess I just lost interest there for awhile. I'm going to start working on it more asap! I really want to wear it this summer!

So here are the projects that I am currently working on that will be the"halter tops" of tomorrow (hehe):

These are baby socks for my friend Brianne. She's pregnant right now with her second child...a boy and she already has a girl so she is very excited. I am happy for her too and I intend to get sock 2 done tomorrow or the next day so I can get these in the mail.

This is a sock for MEEEEEEEEEE! I'm excited. Mostly I just want to get these hammered out so I can start a pair using the yummy yarn from my SP10 pal! You all know you drooled on your keyboards when I posted the pic of that yarn, LMAO! They are made of KnitPicks Simple Stripes in the Tropical Colorway and that yarn has sadly been discontinued :(

Ok, so I need to go and get to work on the second baby sock...I have it cast on and the first round done so I really cant even call myself a slacker! WooHoo! Bri might just get these baby socks soon!

Talk to you all soon!