Friday, May 04, 2007


I was on the yahoo socknitters list reading the messages and I came across a few messages by a lovely lady named Sarah who told us all that she was about to meet Cookie A., a WONDERFUL maker of knitting sock patterns. I was so jealous!

Well, she let us all know that she DID meet Cookie AND got an autograph on one of her I'm officially MORE tha jealous! Wow...what an honor to meet Cookie A and get to see the person behind the patterns. Cookie, if you are out there in blogland, your patterns are amazing and if there was anywhere that I could find them to purchase I would for sure. I just cant seem to find them anywhere and I know there is no way I could get it autographed either because there is no local yarn store around here in my little town just outside of Canton, Oh. Not too many knitters around here either. Oh well, hopefully I can get a pattern and make the terrific socks that I keep seeing on blogs and hearing about online!

All of us sock knitters LOVE you Cookie! Way to go!



Michelle said...

Cookie A has her own site and sells her patterns.

I found this link on the bottom of the "Monkey" pattern on Knitty.

Violiknit said...

You can also find Cookie's patterns at and at

(neither of them sell downloadable versions, tho...)