Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Final SP10 package

Well, it's sad but it's all over. SP 10 is done and I'm looking forward to the next round.

I am sending out my pals package here in a day or soon as I get my check direct deposited so I can pay for postage, lmao!

My pal was Heather! You can read more about her at
Here are the contents of my packages:

Heather SO spoiled me. I recieved a spindle kit that contained practice roving and instructions, Some beautiful merino/tencil roving in a greenish blue, Jelly Beans...omg, the jellybeans, lol. These actually taste like the flavors that it promises including but not limited to grass, soap, black pepper, bacon, booger, vomit (!), ect. lmao. Most didn't get eaten but my neighbors are going to unknowingly try them, LOL!

A puzzle postcard that you write or draw on then take it apart and it becomes a puzzle, small knitting needle coils, SOAK wool wash, handmade soad in lavander (yummmmm), a cute kitty keychain that was made by a family special...each one is different, and an amazing bag that spells out the word bag with a little man...I love it! So unique and I can't wait to show it off.

Thanks SO much Heather for being such an awesome pal. Not only have i enjoyed my gifts but I have already started using them! Below is a pic of what I got when I tried my hand at spinning with my new drop spindle that Heather got me! I know, it's bad...but hey, I tried. I'm sure I will get better with time!

Also, Heather, I know you said that you were going to learn to spin this summer as well and I didn't know if you needed some help...the instructions that came with the spindle weren't all that helpful to me because I need to SEE it to do it, lol. Here is an awesome link (for Heather and anyone) that shows the basics on how to work a spindle. I got so frustrated last night when I first tried that I ended up just breaking down and getting SUPER upset, then I threw it all on the floor and went to bed, lmao. I'm sure glad that I gave it another try!

Video of How to Use A Drop Spindle:

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Heather said...

Kelley - I am SO glad you enjoyed this round. I wish I'd have been able to get to know you more through your blog, but I completely understand technical gliches! Hope you're up and running now.

The spinning videos really help demonstrate exactly how to do it. I did get myself a spindle and some roving - it was hard to decide which was for you and which I was going to keep. The one I sent has Tencel in it - hope it's not too difficult to spin up, get good practice with the undeyed stuff first!!!

The middle package (containing the spindle) was pretty much all gathered while I was on Spring Break in Williamsburg with my son. We had fun picking things out for you, and he decided on the soap himself!

I hope to see more progress pics of your spinning and knitting - I'll be checking in now that the "reveal" is over!