Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OMG....My Picot Edge!

Ok, so tonight I decided that I was going to be clever and knit a sock...but in a new way. I'm a fan of the "Plain Vanilla Sock"...and, my knitterly friends, that's all I've even tried to do besides a stab at some ribbed socks that ribbed down the front of the foot as well.

Tonight I got this bright idea that the Rainy Day Sock patter was the way to start my first nifty looking sock....think again. There is a picot edge! Very pretty! I think to myself...I can do that! Umm...not so. I spent the first hour knitting 5 rows of YO, K2tog...then realize, after finding a site to tell me how to "bind off" a picot edge...that I shouldn't have knit more than ONE row of YO, K2tog...and the other rows were supposed to be normal knitting....

Of course I let out an outrageous string of obsenities and then started to rip back. Thankfully this site was AWESOME and helped me see how it worked...and how it's possible to technically not bind off the edge...but fold it over and knit stitches together.

Ok, that's easy I say to myself again...but nope, try again! It's not at ALL easy...you have to catch these mystery stitches without losing them off this scrap of waste yarn and hope that you are folding right and that it's all working out. I took the cowards way out and folded...then grabbed the stitches on spare DPN's that I wasn't using (2 circs are my method of choice now) and then started painstakingly moving stitches from them to my left needle and knitting them together.

Well, it took me about 2 - 21/2 hours but I have a BEAUTIFUL...maybe slightly sloppy but BEAUTIFUL picot edge! WOOHOO and DAMN do I feel clever! I feel like someone just wrote and told me that I'm a master knitter, lol.

Ok all, now I have to start my first lacy patterned sock...hopefully it's a LOT easier than that dang picot edge! Wish me luck. I think I'll need it!


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Melissa said...

Hello... this is your spoilee... and yes I did finally receive your package yesterday! I will post some pics on my blog soon ;)