Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picot Pics

Ok guys. I decided that I was going to get pics of the picot edge...I felt the knitterly urge to show it off as it's my first...then I saw the blinking red light on my camera when I went to turn it on. I also saw this light after robbing every AA battery from any toy, remote, and appliance in my home. I was a camera :(

Then I remembered...Hey! I have a webcam for these types of emergencies...and it's got a program in the software to take still pics. WOOHOO. After installing and restarting I managed to get some decent pics with a 1.3 megapixel, no light cam. I invented my own light. I took the top off my lava lamp, turned it sideways, and hurried to take the pics before it got to hot and tried to burn thru my carpet. LMAO!

So, here they are. The pics of the picot edge that I am SO proud of. Now that I've gotten them I can (finally) start on the sock. I was procrastinating simply because I wanted a pic of the edge just how it looked when I finished the last K2tog.


yvonnep said...

Awesome! Just awesome!

Knitman said...

That looks execellent

N. Maria said...

Your picot is very well done. You did an excellent job of making them look more perky than most I've seen (or done).

Sarah said...

Those are definitely picots!