Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's HERE!!!! and Another Finished Object...

So last Saturday they arrived...in all their splendid glory! My KnitPicks Options set. WELL worth the 59.99 and I'm VERY happy!

The first thing I did with them...Taught myself magic loop in about 10 minutes and started the Christmas Tree hat for my son!

Finally finished...and my son refuses to take it off. Nevermind that it's not even Halloween yet. He's loving the hat. I think it's cute but possibly a bit embarrassing, lol. I'm going to put bells on the "branches" and a ribbon garland because I think that will make it more fun. Hopefully it doesn't look sillier that way, lmao. My neighbors all had a field day over this hat today when my son put it on and ran outside to show off.

Now it's time to start another project. I have to just sew up that Kipling Baby Sweater and it's ready to be sent off to my friend Ashley in FL. She's having a boy in 9 weeks and hand picked the pattern herself because she liked the collar on it, lol. It really IS cute but the 2 errors I found in the pattern as I knit it killed me. The pattern has been adjusted now and works well if anyone wants to try it again.

I'm going to be starting the Forest Canopy Shawl but I'm changing the yarn for the pattern so I emailed someone that made the shawl out of the same yarn that I plan to use to see what size needles she used. I want it to look good and not be too big. Hopefully that will help and I can go to town on it. I'm doing it along with another girl from KnittingHaven as a knit-a-long. YAY!

Ok all, wish me luck on my first lace project. I really want it to look good because I want to wear it this fall. Wish it was done last night and this morning as it was COLD for some reason. Wish it would cool off a little for good.



busyJ said...

Love the hat and your son looks like he is as ornery as they come, LOL. I had a daughter like that and a few nephews.
I have thought about gettin the KP options needles but I just got the Denise set about a year ago and can't quite justify the second set although I think I would like them better. Maybe I can put a bug in DH's ear for Christmas... Hmmmm.

katknit said...

Love the hat!
Next on my list of things to knit
after I have finished a certain someone's FCS !