Saturday, February 03, 2007

Long Time No See!

Hey guys...Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately! I actually moved! and now Im about to move again, HAHA!

That's right, I got my own apartment lined up and Im set to move in within the next 2-3 weeks. Hoorah!

Now all I get to do is sit here and wait...while KNITTING of course, hello!

I was looking around at my knitting pictures today and came across this oldie but goodie...I don't think that I posted it but lately I haven't had the best memory so it's totally possible that I did...I'm just to lazy to look. This is my first attempt at crocheting something that actually could keep a person warm nd wasn't shaped like a bonbon! I mean, if you know how to crochet you know how easy it is to miss the last stitch in a row...and I was just starting instant bonbon shaped pieces of work, lol. Glad this one worked out and the colors even looked good together!

I also found this awesome teddy bear sweater pattern on a website...not quite sure what site it was now though...I think it is supposed to be made from sugar and cream yarn so that's probably where to find it...more on the site later..

But here it is start to finish...and then once my friend saw it he went and bought the exact same teddy bear on Ebay and mailed it to me from Kansas telling me to return him in a warm sweater, HAHA! I started his in brown last night! I will post more on that later as well.

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LDSVenus said...

You were right it was Lily's Sugar and Cream on Michael's website, I googled it. Here is the addy site for any of your readers who are interested.

It's very cute, yours is looking very good. :)