Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Yarn Stash, Second Item Syndrome, and Dishcloths :)

So, if you are anything like me then you have a TON of things on your needles at any given moment...non-knitters do NOT understand this but it is by far a huge part of a knitters life to have partially finished items laying EVERYWHERE! Here are a FEW of mine...yeah, I have about 9 on the needles, LMAO!

Boo-tiful Scarf for my mommy...Hope she likes it :) I think it's pretty and
it's partially fishtail lace :)

A sock for me!

Sweater. What kind of mom would I be if I didnt force a sweater on the boy?!

Now we are on to the more productive days where I actually FINISH things! Yeah, this is a small step of the knitting kind but they are done so dont mess with me!

Was SUPPOSED to have a rooster knitted into it for moms rooster kitchen...note to self, no patterned clothes from verigated yarn, HAHA!

Yeah, corrected rooster cloth on REGULAR cotton....it looks a LOT more clear in person though. Hard to catch it on camera....

THUMBS UP dude! This is actually a partial lie....this is the only mitten I have done....other one is in a ball in my bag with half the ribbing cast on, LMAO! But one is done so....it's in the done section darn it!

Now this is where it gets insane....this is my knitting stash coming up....books, yarn in boxes, EVERYTHING....it's the knitting corner, lmao. I know it's bad cause I dont want to use it just because that depleats the stash and because all I want is more yarn....yeah, that's right, I have 2 hanks of 100% pure tussah silk on their way here in mint and winter white and Im already drooling...so HA!

So that's it....I'm a bit OCD maybe but it's my stash and that's why I love it :) Now I'm off to give it a nice hug....and maybe figure out what Im going to do with that skein of Bernat Baby Lash....it looks and feels heavenly :)

Till Next time!



Knitting Rose said...

Great jobs on your knits! I love your socks - You will be hooked -I warn you.

Mrs. Hommefoss said...

Sock-knitting-warning from Norway !! Once you've started you'll never stop :-)
Love Vigdis from Norway

Diane said...

Knitting is very addictive and sock knitting is the most addictive because socks are soooo portable.

Beautiful stuff.

KnitTech said...

Lovely stash. Your knitting is beautiful. Keep up the good work.

trek said...

You'll see the rooster better if you take the picture at an oblique angle instead of dead on.