Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a day!

Ok, so here is my first blog. I know that it's pretty sad but all I do is knit so...this blog is about ..........knitting! TA DA!
Today I decided to get a jump on some socks that I (finally) learned to do....well, sorta. I am decreasing for the toes right now which seems great...except that I made the heel a weeeeeeeee bit large....and it makes my son look like his foot has a rather large and odd shaped appendage. *sigh* Hopefully people aren't going to try stopping me in the street to ask what is wrong with my sons foot or with my knitting skills....or my sanity and ability to parent for choosing to let my son run around in such horrible made socks, LOL. I guess we will see. Im off to finish that toe. Wish me luck....and my poor son too, lol.

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