Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok, here it is...I'm overweight. Not hugely overweight but overweight none the less. I am currently about 150 which is too much for my 5'4 frame AND I'm a type 1 diabetic so ANY extra weight is a no-no so.....

It's time for that diet! Oh yes, I said the worst four letter word. Call the cops and lock the doors. I'm a girl on a mission. I want to lose 30lbs by the end of the summer. I know, I could lose it all in 2 months but I want to do it right and not have to worry about it all coming back.

The "plan" is pilates...but Im not sure how long that will last because...well, it's hard, lmao. I might just dump that when the weather is nicer and replace it with chasing my 3 yo son thru the yard...we all KNOW that's a workout better than pilates right?!

So wish me luck all...I'm going to do this thing!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kelly - this is your SP10 pal checking in. I am right there with you - height and weight-wise! Maybe you can be my inspiration! I, however, am just trying to work on the last 10-15 pounds. I am stopping at 140. Haven't seen 120 since early, early HS years, and don't hold the illusion that I, at least, will ever see it again. Not at my age. I'm learning to embrace my curves, while getting to a bit of a healthier weight.

Good luck to you - I'll be checking in, and I bet I'll see success soon! Don't go too crazy with it - no starving yourself!!!


Kelly said...

I dont think that I have the capacity to starve myself, lol. I love food too much...bring on the Taco Bell baby...but in moderation, HA!

Sarah said...

You can do it! Pilates - I love it! It totally reshapes your body, but you have to add some cardio, just take lots of walks with your little guy : )