Monday, March 12, 2007

KnitPicks Is Great

Today I had to call KnitPicks because I placed an order for some sock yarn and some beautiful ShineSport and a size 2 16" circular needle.

When I got my package I realized that one needle was bent. Tried to straighten it myself but you all know that it's impossible and Im sure that the nickel plating would eventually chip off in that spot and then probably rust.

I called KnitPicks customer service tonight and got the sweetest woman on the phone. She said she couldn't believe that I got a bent needle and I told her it was a size 2. She was like "Oh, a little one, that explains it" lol. She had me give her my customer number and looked up the order and told me that they are going to send out a replacement needle, no questions asked.

KnitPicks is now on the top of my list. Not only has all the yarn that I have ordered from them been high quality AND beautiful but they stand behind their products 100%.

If you want to order great yarn that you KNOW is going to be backed by the company I would suggest them. I am more happy with them then I have ever been before. The only other company that has made me this happy is Brittany because they also replace broken needles in the same fashion. This is great. Has to keep people knitting when they know that their stuff is going to be replaced when the quality isn't up to par instead of just losing money on their orders!


Michelle said...

Hi. Just found your blog from sp10. I havne't had any issues with Knitpicks but I agree with you on Brittany. They are super nice and have no problem sending out replacements!

Love the red teddy bear sweater.. so cute! I should knit one with some small amounts from my stash for my bears.

Michelle said...

Kelly, I forgot to say thanks for the SP10 button!