Thursday, March 08, 2007

SP10 and My Newest Project

So I got my email yesterday from an SP10 hostess telling me that we should have partners by the weekend hopefully. I'm SO excited! I cant wait to start. If my partner reads this...I did post my's listed as such in the title of the post.

Now I want to let you all in on what I'm working on now! I am so excited to finally be working on this. I bought this kit when I had just started knitting. I saw it and fell in love. But then I started it and realized that I was lacking in skills at the time. Now, a year later, I am ready and I'm about 5in. into the pattern. Here is a pic of what I'm making :

Isn't that the cutest halter top? I cant wait to get it done so I can wear it this summer. This is the first thing (besides socks) that I have made that I will be able to wear. I'm hoping that it turns out as well as I think it will. Wish me luck all. Now I'm off to work on it some more. I will post pics soon but as of right now my digital camera is out of batteries. I will get more asap!

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